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Katharina Warta, María del Carmen Calatrava Moreno

Research assessment processes: Gathering evidence for a Science Europe initiative for mutual learning Journal Article Forthcoming

In: Das fteval Journal for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation, Forthcoming.

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Xavier Potau, Martin Wain, María del Carmen Calatrava, Felix Dijkstal, Cristina Rosemberg, Paul Simmonds, Stephen Roper, Karen Bonner

LEP Outlook Report 2019: An assessment of economic performance of Local Enterprise Partnership geographical areas Technical Report


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María del Carmen Calatrava Moreno, Katharina Warta, Erik Arnold, Peter Kolarz, Sandra Skok

Science Europe Study on Research Assessment Practices Technical Report


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Maria del Carmen Calatrava Moreno, Sebastian Otte, Viola Peter

Technical assistance with the public consultation on EU summertime arrangements Technical Report

2019, ISBN: 978-92-76-09254-4 .

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Friedrich W. Hesse; Ina Matt; Falk Reckling; Thomas Völker; Nikolaus Possanner; Manfred Prisching; Lisa Hönegger; Mark Neijssel; Alfredo Yegros; Carole de Bordes; Maria del Carmen Calatrava Moreno; Brigitte Tiefenthaler; Katharina Warta

Standortbestimmung der Bildungsforschung in Österreich / Determination of the State of Educational Research in Austria Technical Report


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Florian Berger, Kathrin Enenkel, Alfred Radauer, María del Carmen Calatrava Moreno

Bedeutung des Patentwesens für die Wertschöpfungskette Bau Technical Report


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Dinusha Mendis, Jan Bernd Nordemann, Rosa Maria Ballardini, Hans Brorsen, María del Carmen Calatrava Moreno, Julie Robson, Phill Dickens

Intellectual Property implications of the development of industrial 3D printing Technical Report Forthcoming


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Robbert Fisher, Julien Chicot, Alberto Domini, Milica Misojcic, Gabriela Bodea, Kristina Karanikolova, Alfred Radauer, María del Carmen Calatrava Moreno, Anna Gkogka, Lionel Bently, Estelle Derclaye

Study in Support of the Evaluation of the Database Directive Miscellaneous

2018, ISBN: 978-92-79-81358-0.

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Lionel Bently; Martin Kretschmer; Tobias Dudenbostel; María del Carmen Calatrava Moreno; Alfred Radauer

Strengthening the Position of Press Publishers and Authors and Performers in the Copyright Directive Miscellaneous


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  • (2019-2020) Development of the WIPO IP Diagnostic Tool. A tool for enterprises to undertake a basic diagnostic of the intellectual property (IP) situation of their business. It is in the form of a questionnaire with several sections that ask questions on different IP topics (e.g. innovative products, trademarks, licensing, designs, internationalisation, etc.). This tool was commissioned by WIPO.
  • (2017-2018) Development of CEDAR: CEntral DAta Repository for the GEM Report with data from the UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS), OECD, the World Bank, the World Inequality Database on Education (WIDE), and other sources.